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Intern @ Food Architects?

Food Architects is a young, fast growing start-up so continuously moving organisation. That’s why we welcome talent with open arms. Your job will be to contribute in this evolution.

Feel like taking part in this entrepreneurial adventure, in close collaboration with the founders? You will be able to get to know and contribute in all aspects of our business – from product development in the kitchen until last-mile delivery. But besides co-entrepreneuring, it will be your responsibility to further develop and strengthen the marketing & communication of our brands. Based on our goals, you’ll develop an action plan & coordinate the different steps from A to Z. In other words: you’ll get the chance to create your own ideas with experienced coaching. Your most important missions are:

  • Develop & manage our social media strategy & online marketing campaigns. Analyse kpi’s & apply learnings.
  • SEO of our websites (key workds, content creation, SEO techniques, etc)
  • Develop marketing materials (contests, emailings, flyers, promo video’s, social media images, copywriting, tutorials, etc)
  • Boost our visibility on events ((pop-up shops, fairs, tastings, food festivals, …) & guerilla marketing campaigns
  • Market research & competitive analyses, identify new opportunities & threats
  • Use your brains as well as your hands to help out the team on both strategic & operational level.

Your profile

  • Your studies correspond to businnes management, economics, marketing or communications
  • You have a driver license B & car available
  • As a young potential, you’re motivated to work in a dynamic & hands-on environment
  • Flexibility, pro-activity & a portion of guts to stand up for your opinion are a must
  • Fan of good food & entrepreneur pur sang

Food Architects offers you

  • Chance to get full training, insight & experience in all the aspects of a foodtech start-up, both front- & back-end.
  • Delicious food, to critically enjoy every day
  • Autonomy & flexible hours


Welcome to Food Architects.


Food Architects is a Foodtech start-up, specialised in convenience quality food with nationwide delivery service, at home & to offices. Currently, we have 2 brands in our portfolio: Zappore & Fuel Food.


  • Zappore (zappore.com) is ourparty brand. We bring chefs and artisanal producers from Belgium & Italian regions together and create with them all-in menu packages for every social occasion. Our chefs prepare the dishes so the host can give his personal touch and further enjoy the company at the table. Restaurant experience in a home setting.
  • Fuel Food (fuelfood.be) is ourhealthy fast food brand. Each Fuel meal is designed & prepared by our team of chefs & nutritionists, to give the necessary ‘fuel’ for an active lifestyle: healthy, long-term satisfying & avoiding energy dips. Enjoy a tasty, easy meal in no time.

Enough about us.

Let’s talk about you. Tell us why we need you. Send a mail with your CV to charlotte@foodarchitects.group .